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Successes & Challenges

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I'm meeting some of our big hitters today and I expect the conversations to be framed in terms of challenges and successes.  It's a great opportunity to step back for a few moments and think about the some of the work of the E-Learning Team.  So here are a couple of themes that I've been thinking about.



Online submission, marking and feedback of work; originality checking and speedy, legible, feedback!
  • over 55 k submissions last year
  • and over 20% marked online
(Strategic themes 1.2 e Deliver personalised and proactive interactions using digital platforms;
2.2 e Make inspired use of learning technologies and e-resources;
6.4 b Raise awareness of the environmental impact of all our activities including transport)


  • achievements are against a backdrop of established paper-based processes
  • adoption is well under-way - adaptation is beginning to gather pace
  • IT skills and wills of staff still a historical and ongoing issue
  • delivering support, training, and advice AND providing safety nets at different heights



Technology Enhanced Learning affects the whole institution - students, academic staff, administrators, support staff.  We work with a diverse group of people on a wide range of projects, problems and ideas.
In the last fortnight we've:
  • Supported and advised a large department as they move to adopt online marking and feedback through Moodle
  • The Careers service in their development of a college-wide, yet targeted, multi-media online resource
  • Worked with a group of Business Information PG students as a sponsor of their project into 'Improving and commercialising E-Portfolio Systems'
  • Provided consultancy, hardware, and external expertise in the use of Personal Voting Systems to monitor lecture attendance and to provide live in-class testing
  • Designed, developed a system to use QR codes for easy, yet discrete and secure, identification of ESO students whilst marking online
  • Brought in a trial of smart phone software to support classroom interactivity - voting, answering questions


  • Sustaining and improving the services we support
  • Developing, maintaining and sharing high levels of expertise
  • Responding effectively and in a timely manner to increasingly sophisticated, ambitious, and informed requests

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