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Me and MOOCs: Why I signed up

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My interest in MOOCs was initially fuelled by scepticism - that what I later understood to be xMOOCs were little more than modern correspondence courses but without the envelopes (or the correspondence), and that the M stood for Marketing. I was also intrigued with the idea of supporting, or not, tens of thousands of users with their technical and learning needs.

Fast-forward a bit and I am better informed about the different kinds of MOOC. I'm very excited about the prospect of meeting and working with new people, breaking out of my long-held view that there should be a centralised 'place' to support online learning, using different tools, and, most importantly, developing and sharing new and established knowledge.

I'm also using my participation in three MOOCs to kickstart my professional development after a long period of fire-fighting at work, and to learn more about learning design in particular, and MOOCs in general.

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