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RePlay (using Panopto)

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A new lecture-recording service for teaching and learning will be available across campus for the autumn term. RePlay will be available in most teaching rooms and will capture the slides from the lecture along with an audio recording. Lectures will only be recorded on request.


RePlay is very quick and easy to set up, with minimal input from the lecturer.

RePlay will provide an electronic resource for students that can be used for revision, catch-up if a lecture is missed, review of content not clear from the lecture, etc. Students view recordings via their Moodle course.

How it works

A lecturer will need to:

1. set up a new block in Moodle
2. fill in an online form requesting the recordings
3. the rest will happen automatically, with the lecture being recorded and uploaded to the Moodle course.

The software can also be installed on lecturers’ own PCs and laptops for recording material in their own office.
For more information, contact moodle support.

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