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Online Assessment Scaffolding

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If you've ever spoken to me about setting up an online quiz then one thing you'll know is that I am uber-zealous about what I, and many of the more illustrious practicioners in this field, call 'e-scaffolding'.

Put simply, it's just a set of instructions aimed at supporting participants about whom you can make only few assumptions; are they IT literate, are they LT literate, have they sat many online quiizes, are they organised, are they attempting your summative quiz at 3 in the morning?  You just don't know but you still have to give them some support.

My approach is to let the learners know of the purpose, delivery, format, feedback model, and any regulations relating to a particular assessment.  Many colleagues take this on board while many think it's an unnecessary waste of time.  My friends in the History Department have nailed it though in one of their First Year core course summative quizzes:

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